28 March, 2023

How to adjust garage doors to the garage opening?


Infiniti garage doors with torsion springs from the front, from the back, or maybe with tension springs – regardless of the system that your client selects, you have to adequately match the garage door dimensions for them to fit the garage opening. The garage door calculator on benefit4u comes to the rescue – you can use it without any limits.

First and foremost the calculator helps with adjusting the gate to the measured garage opening. Why? Because it eliminates errors resulting from limitations of a specific system.

As a result the calculator facilitates creating offers.

Garage doors calculator – how does it work?

Enter your dimension and select the system, and the calculator will indicate the dimension which should be ordered to fit the measured cavity. An additional facilitation is a drawing with a cross-section of the garage door, which is created based on the given dimensions. Thanks to that you can easily check whether all data is proper.

And what if the given measurement doesn’t fit the selected garage door system? The calculator will point out the things that need to be corrected. Some of the most common mistakes are too small width of the jambs or too low lintel. To eliminate these mistakes, you can use renovation steel – its purpose is to narrow the rough opening size. By how much? The calculator and tutorial for it that we’ve prepared will help you with it.

Garage doors calculator – how to use it?

Thanks to the calculator, you get finished garage door measurements. What’s more – you can download a generated document with the dimensions and send the created project to any e-mail address. As a result you can use them in eko4u or give them to your sales representative.

Would you like to use the garage door calculator from Eko-Okna? Log into benefit4u and take advantage of it in order to adequately adjust the garage door to the garage opening.

Remember that the e-learning platform benefit4u is available for distributors registered in eko4u. Don’t have an account yet? Register and get even more benefits.


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