02 March, 2023

Joinery assembly without any obstacles? Use our mobile app – eko4u assembly


According to research more than 80% of clients buy windows with assembly service but you probably know that already*. After all, you sell joinery on a daily basis. You also know that the assembly process is not as easy as it seems. That is when the most problems arise. They often lead to delays in assembly realization.

That is why if:

you can change all of the above thanks to the eko4u assembly app. Learn about 3 more reasons why you should download it on your smartphone.

1. The list of tasks, tools, documentation and even assembly teams will help you control the assemblies.

The eko4u assembly mobile app is a place where you can create and manage a lot of different areas of assembly work. You can:

But there are a lot more functionalities in our app. The eko4u assembly mobile app is a kind of "organizer” that gathers all information about the assembly in one place and ensures a trouble-free process. Do you want to find out what else our application has to "offer”? Download it here and check its capabilities.

2. Push notifications will make it easier to contact the assembly teams

Tired of waiting for the assembly team to pick up the phone? You have an important message for an employee, but you don't want to interrupt his work? To provide important information, use push notifications that can be created in the eko4u assembly mobile app. Assigned employees will see your message on the screens of their smartphones, and you will be sure that the messages will not go unnoticed.

3. Detailed overview of orders will help avoid mistakes during the preparation for assembly

In a "perfect company” every employee is equally informed and has the same access to information. However, we know very well that "perfect companies" do not exist! This can be noticed during the preparations for the departure for assembly. Does each of your employees know where they are going? Do they know what the guidelines for the order are and what they will be installing? It is often the lack of knowledge that causes unnecessary chaos and delays in finalizing the assembly.

The eko4u assembly app comes to the rescue. Thanks to it your employees can become familiar with the details of the planned installation in advance, such as:

And most importantly, an overview of the assignment can be seen by all assigned employees that are logged into their account in the app. That is why by using this app you won’t hear "I didn’t know” from your employees again.

Do you have an eko4u account and want to organize the work of the assembly team? Download

Don’t have an eko4u account yet? Register here and gain even more benefits.

*The CAB 2023 report - "How do Poles buy WINDOWS?”


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