28 March, 2023

What if your client could visualize joinery before purchasing it?

Year after year, customers expect "something more" from window and door joinery distributors. And this should not surprise anyone - after all, windows and doors are not bought every day. Do you want to help the customer make a purchase decision? Use augmented reality (AR) technology on window4u to show him what his dream joinery might look like on the facade of his house.

"In 2022, companies turned their attention to a completely new approach to presenting the company's product offer using augmented reality (AR) technology. It is AR visualization that has become a way to attract an undecided client. According to research, 42% of customers are convinced that AR would help them make a faster purchase decision." *

This indicates that augmented reality technology is a powerful tool for many possibilities. Therefore, find out 3 reasons why it is worth using AR in your company.

1. Convince the unconvinced easier

According to the report "Evolution of B2B sales in the construction industry”, augmented reality (AR) technology is a good way to convince an unconvinced customer. No wonder - since you can show the client what his window, door or fence will look like already at the construction site! And it is the opportunity to see "with your own eyes” that definitely makes it easier to make the final decision.

2. Ensure the comfort of choice

"Golden oak” or "graphite"? Standard window or premium one? Or maybe a sliding door? Thanks to augmented reality (AR) technology you give the customer the convenience of checking out various configurations and options before making a purchase. This minimizes the risk of customer’s dissatisfaction with the decision. And this is an important step towards building a positive image of your services.

3. You will stand out on your local market

"Differentiate or Die" is undoubtedly the key to the success of any company. That is why it is so important to provide the customer with "something" more than the competition. One of the ways is to focus on modern, digital solutions, e.g. on AR technology. You think you can't afford this solution? Check out the window4u application, thanks to which you can stand out locally by providing your clients with AR visualization.

Do you want to try out our eko4u assembly mobile app?

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And if you want to see how the app will be useful in your assembly process, download it on your smartphone today!

*The sales and marketing report ''Evolution of B2B sales in the construction industry'' is available here.


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