08 December, 2022

Why are garage doors worth selling?

garage doors

Garage doors are an integral part of building a house. Their choice affects its character and appearance. Therefore, choosing the right garage door for the remaining window and door joinery can be a challenge for the distributor. Why? We will try to explain this in our article.

As we mentioned at the beginning, garage doors – especially in new construction – become the showcase of the house. Therefore, it is not surprising that their popularity is high, and the season for them lasts practically all year round (Chart 1).

Chart 1. Interest in garage doors in Great Britain and USA.
Source: Google Trends.

Standard or premium garage door – what do customers choose?

As it is popular to combine a garage with a residential part, when choosing a garage door, the important aspects are:

According to our data, it is the premium class, including garage doors with even better parameters and additional functions, that is more often chosen by customers on window4u (Chart 2). This is no surprise – after all, a functional garage door is an investment for years.

Chart 2. Percentage share of the standard and premium class in the sale of garage doors on window4u in 2022.
Source: internal data.

Conclusion? The choice of garage doors is not the simplest, especially when choosing their colors that match the window and door joinery. It often happens that windows and doors come from a different manufacturer, which means that their colors or veneers may differ significantly. That is why customers are more likely to choose companies that offer them a comprehensive offer – from windows and doors to garage doors from one manufacturer.

Thanks to this, they can be sure that their colors and veneers will not differ from each other.

What does this mean for you as a distributor? On one hand, the introduction of garage doors to the offer is an opportunity to increase revenues, but on the other – it is also a challenge due to various barriers that make it difficult to enter this segment of joinery. The infographic below shows what problems distributors who plan to expand their offer with garage doors can face and proposed solutions in cooperation with Eko-Okna.

Infographic. What prevents distributors from extending the offer with garage doors (entry barriers)  and proposed solutions.
Source: own study.

When offering garage doors (as well as other products), it is important to have reliable and proven knowledge about them, useful both when presenting the offer to the customer and in the further stages of order fulfillment. For this purpose, it is worth using benefit4u, especially the product tutorial. Why? Because this is the place where you will strengthen your knowledge about Eko-Okna garage doors, their types, patterns and additional solutions. And this in combination with:

is complete knowledge that is needed to sell not only garage doors. And most importantly – you won’t waste time searching for answers to your questions related to the offer, because you will have industry knowledge in one place.


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