19 April, 2023

Energeto Neo – a combination of innovative technology and stylish design


Energeto Neo
Energeto Neo

As energy prices continue to soar, and the need for eco-friendly solutions becomes more pressing in light of climate change, finding ways to save energy is more crucial than ever. With its cutting-edge technology, Energeto Neo provides an excellent solution to improve the thermal insulation of your windows, helping you reduce your energy consumption.

Energeto Neo is a PVC system with a flush sash, which allows for a larger glazing area and enables better sealing of the window, which, combined with Powerdur Inside and Bonding Inside technologies, allows for better thermal insulation of the whole window. Powerdur Inside is the replacement of the steel reinforcement with a composite material containing glass fibre. Bonding Inside, on the other hand, means glueing the glass to the profile. In this way, heat loss is reduced in winter and loss of cold in summer, thus reducing energy costs.

Another innovative feature of the system is the security integrated into the window frame - Safetec Inside - which prevents break-ins. The immovable perimeter centre groove is an innovative solution that effectively prevents a tool from being inserted deep into the window frame, allowing for a feeling of security and peace of mind.

Energeto Neo, a flush system, offers not only high energy efficiency but also extreme versatility of style and design. Its decorative and durable aludec and woodec structures add a unique touch to any room. If you want a natural look, we recommend woodec, which is difficult to distinguish from wood. Aludec is recommended for modern loft interiors, as it perfectly imitates the appearance of aluminium.

The exceptional lightness and elegance of windows made using this system catch the eye. It is achieved using slender and pronounced rebates almost half as narrow as in other systems.

At the forthcoming Munich building fair, our company will present Energeto Neo as its latest product, which combines modern, energy-saving technology and stylish design.

"You are invited to visit our stand in Munich from 17 to 22 April, where you will have the opportunity to see Energeto Neo live and learn about its unique features," says Michał Maciejewski, director of the sales and purchasing department of Eko-Okna.

"Our specialists will answer all your questions and show you how this product can contribute to comfort and savings in your home. Come and see for yourself why Energeto Neo is the best choice for anyone looking for windows with high energy efficiency, excellent design and functionality," Mr. Maciejewski concludes.


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