27 April, 2023

Why is it worth recommending mosquito nets to the customer already during ordering windows?


The purchase of windows is a burden on the budget, so customers often forget or do not take into account the additional expenses. Because few of them think about mosquito nets as a solution that will come in handy sooner or later. Therefore, it is worth offering them to the customer already at the stage of ordering windows.

As every year in the spring and summer the interest in mosquito nets among customers increases (chart).

Source: Google Trends.

So take advantage of the opportunity to increase your sales. With us you can even "go" one step further. You can make the mosquito netting season last in your company all year round. How to do it? Recommend them to customers already when ordering windows.

Here are the arguments that can make your client think about mosquito nets when ordering windows.

  1. When installing windows, you can offer him the installation of mosquito nets.
  2. Mosquito nets and windows from one supplier means a better color match.
  3. One order is one delivery, which means lower transport costs, so you can offer a "better" price.

Ask the customer what he expects and suggest a mosquito net

What's more, it is worth remembering about mosquito nets all year round. Why? Because by offering your customer the right mesh, you can help him solve his problems. For example, if your client:

In addition, thanks to augmented reality (AR) on window4u, your client can see the mosquito nets in their home with their own eyes before purchasing them.

Want to know more about mosquito nets? Check out our knowledge compendium.

Finally, a few words about ordering mosquito nets

Did you know that in eko4u you can prepare an offer of mosquito nets and then send it via the app to be checked by your sales representative? This is a good solution because:

You don't have an eko4u account yet? Register or ask your account manager to send you an invitation and start preparing offers using the application as soon as possible.


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